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Hello! I’m Aleesha Howe, and I am from Downingtown, Pennsylvania! I grew up in a family with 6 kids (4 boys, 2 girls), a farm full of animals and two super, hard working parents!I started Aleesha Nicole Photography when I was just 18 years old. After spending some time working for other people, I was quickly disappointed with how disconnected they were. To me, the best photography is when you can tap into the emotion, and have real connection between the photographer and the one in the photo.  So, I decided to step out on my own, take on photography full time and put the clients first. I needed to learn a lot fast, so I mentored under some of greatest photographers in the industry. 8 years later, lots of work, and time spent, we are here! Photography is so near and dear to my heart, it’s a way to capture moments that would otherwise vanish! Life is ever changing and always moving. I found that what moves me is to be able to stop time for a second and give people something to hold on to forever. Seeing the look on a newly engaged couple’s faces; the sweet interactions between mom, dad and their children; the glow on a senior’s face as they are approaching their last year of school; all those moments are such milestones in life! I love being there for those times hearing stories later about how special those photos were to people.

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    Annie Rathbun

    Working with Aleesha Nicole Photography was an unforgettable experience! Aleesha captures every moment at every angle, her photos are truly worth 1000 words! She made my mom and I feel so comfortable and had so many cute posing ideas, she even got the dog involved! I was so happy with the quality and the photos, I will always recommend her!

    -Annie Rathbun, Hebron, CT

    Meredith Williams

    Aleesha took my daughters’ senior pictures and I can truly say I was thrilled with the results!  It was very important to us that her cattle were included in some of the pictures because they are a huge part of her life.  Taking great pictures of humans is a talent, but add a heifer who has ideas of her own and you have a totally different game! Aleesha has a great eye, is very creative and very patient and the results speak for themselves! She took great care to be sure we were satisfied with her work and I would recommend her to anyone needing photography work done. You will be extremely happy with the results!

    -Meredith Williams, Fairfield, VA

    Kendall Harshman

    Aleesha is one of the best photographers around. She is so easy to get along with and will work with you to get the best possible picture. A smile is never forced when Aleesha is picturing. She makes it feel super natural and just a great time. If you want a very talented person who will even drive 2+ hours picture you then she is your girl!

    -Kendall Harshman, Fredrick, MD

    Krystal & Christine Helm

    We have had the honor to work with Aleesha for both our senior pictures. Aleesha took the time to get to know what our interests were to have the best senior pictures. She was willing to travel to us, and her skills of how to position us to make us look comfortable yet professional is amazing. This April Aleesha will be doing Krystal’s college senior pictures. We are excited to see her creativity come to Morgantown West Virginia. We recommend Aleesha because she is easy to work with, fun and very talented.

    -Krystal & Christine Helm, Shippensburg, PA

    Kaiti Cooke

    Choosing Aleesha to take our family portraits for our parent’s Christmas gift was the best decision ever. Aleesha not only picked out a beautiful location but was patient, creative, and did an amazing job capturing such beautiful moments. Aleesha worked so well with my 4 month old niece and always knew how to improvise if a certain pose wasn’t working out. It’s no doubt Aleesha loves what she does and her photos are proof that she is GREAT at what she does. Aleesha was a pleasure to work with and she ensures that the process as a whole is smooth and simple from start to finish!

    Kaiti Cooke- West Chester, PA